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LORD SYMPHONY was formed on December 31st, 2005. Our genre is Epic Power Metal, a
style which is like an endangered species in our beloved Country Indonesia. Our mission ito “resurrect” Speed Power Metal genre in Indonesia which is currently “avoided” by
common Indonesian metal bands, our musical style is a mix between common European
Power Metal style and our own style blended with traditional elements of Indonesia
traditional music. Members of Lord Symphony came from many different bands, Fuadmonster as the leader of the band came from a band called PALMTREE and ELEVEN KEYS who play classic rock, hard
rock and power metal style. Ichsan Black and Fa’I came from a Helloween tribute band
called JURASSIC. Dani came from TEXTURE who plays classic and progressive rock. Glen
came from a power metal band named LOST PAUS. The last, Uji came from power metal
bands LIMBAH GOT and EASTERN WARRIOR. Previous drummer Ranu was in the same band

with Ichsan and Fa’I, he quited from Lord Symphony due to a family matter on July 2008. To

replace Ranu, Lord Symphony made an audition and from 13 drummers our choice went to Uji. Uji is a perfect replacement for Ranu since his skill is above other audition drummer and he has good skill and power. Uji officially join lord symphony since late 2009. In early 2012, Glen (vocalist) decided to leave the band due to different vision and misiónwith other band members and Lord Symphony finally hire Arif (Power Beat, ex-NagaTerbang) to replace Glen.We started our career as a semi-finalist at Indonesia's biggest rock competition GGRC(Gudang Garam Rock Competition) in 2007. Then we got a blast when we were selected as one of the opening band for German legendary power metal band Helloween when they came to Indonesia for their Hellishrock Tour in Jakarta, February 22, 2008. Deeply rooted in Power metal, our music is influenced by some world's greatest metal bands, namely: Helloween, Rhapsody Of Fire, Symphony X, Stratovarius, Dragonforce, Megadeth and lndonesian famous shadow-puppet master Ki. Manteb Soedharsono who influenced ournew album Bharatayudha Part. 1. The main concept or the grand design of Bharatayudha Part. 1 album is inspired by great epic power metal masterpieces created by Italian.
RHAPSODY OF FIRE. They have created some epic album which tell us about: epic
war/battle, knights, warrior, dragon, etc. We want to create our own album with our
country's original epic story. Our choice went to Bharatayudha, an epic battle/war story, part of an ancient Javanese epic story Mahabharata, written by Empu Sedah and Empu Panuluh in around year 1100 AD. We want to mix typical European Power Metal style created by Helloween with our traditional music elements. And introduce our country's original epic story to the world with our
conceptual albums. Bharatayudha Part 1 was released digitally on November 10, 2010 via and also available on CD, independently produced and sold by the band.
Bharatayudha Part 1 CD is also available in Japan, sold at Asian Rock Rising, Red Rivet
Records and S.A Music (Metal Pesado). The album also earned a positive review at Captain Wada's Rock Drive blog, reviewed by Kazuo Ogasawara. We have our latest single Bima
Suci which was digitally released on October 1, 2011 and available at world's leading onlin e digital music stores: Amazon, iTunes, Napster, 7 digital, HMV Digital, Emusic, CDon, Virgin Mega Store, Spotify, Fnac, Media Markt, Nokia OVI, MOG, etc. The band is now preparing to re-record The Lord's Wisdom demo with all new arrangements featuring symphonic
orchestrations plus gamelan as our "trade mark" and scheduled to be released in 2012.
General Manager:

Address: Komplek Kota Baru, Jl. Sedap Malam No. 36, Bandung 40239, Indonesia
Mobile: +628987954240


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